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The beginning

In the gardens of Bagatelle in Paris a man, sitting on a bench, seems lost in her thought. A silhouette walks past him, furtive, graceful, energetic : a woman, an elegant woman, smart and so Parisian. This woman wears a bag which gives the final touch, to a grace and to an incomparable femininity.

To him, she is the elegance, she is « the Parisian », she inspired him to create a brand of leather goods.

He named it: Faubourg Bagatelle, in memory of this place. It was in 2016 in June, in the gardens of Bagatelle…

Everything started from a verbal description of key brand’s values. It is important to make sure we were on the same page with the client and that I understood well the ‘soul’ of his business correctly.

To find the right visual rhythm for a future identity, I explored several references, then I carefully grouped and filter my findings to create self-explaining moodboards.

The goal was to create the visual identity using the DNA of the old Paris and set timeless codes of the brand.

New art & Subway entrance

Inspired by parisian metro entrances, this logo takes back the characteristic wave-like forms of the Art nouveau.
« L’art de la Belle Époque » is characterized by inventiveness, presence of rhythms, colors, ornamentations inspired by trees, flowers, insects and animals.

The Bagatelle Park

Inspired by the geometrical shapes of the gardens from the park of Bagatelle, this logo also calls back the shapes of Parisian street name plates.
To stylize the letter O, I directly used the drawing of the « flowerbed of the orangery ».

The streets of Paris

Paris, its boulevards, its avenues, its suburbs… Three words to define the streets of Paris:
Geometry and parallel lines.
So was created this logo, more contemporary, but not less elegant…